3C Corporate

3C Corporate

What do Christian business principles really mean?  Am I or my business being perceived correctly? How do I really walk in grace and favour?

At 3C Corporate we make Christ our foundation and cornerstone to achieve the vision and dream of every business man/woman.  Our thoughts, opinions and roles about why we do business is challenged, changed and transformed.  Further we are encouragement by industry leaders on how God completed their cycle of success by restoring their relationships firstly at home then at the workplace, with staff and business partners.

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Mission Statement

Together in unity by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ through the leading and in the power of the Holy Spirit we stand for the development of our community.  Building the great nation of South Africa, Africa and the world one individual at a time.  Spiritually, emotionally and socially every citizen deserves to be whole, knowing that there is a GOD our Father that loves and cares for us.

Core Values

  1. Trusting relationships built on truth, integrity & mercy
  2. Open communication, transparency and consultation
  3. Commitment to performance
  4. Courage to learn, change and innovate
  5. Blood of Jesus Christ our Foundation & cornerstone
  6. Guidance of the Holy Spirit
  7. Loving God & our neighbours as ourselves