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Corinthians #NationBuilder
He Is Risen
God's Way
The Good Shepherd
G12 Presents: Harvest Africa
Pastors & Leader's
Don't Miss The Party
Don't Miss The Party
One Heart
Plan To Prosper
Effective Prayer
Done With Debt
Rise And Be Healed
Grace Through Generosity
Mega Power
A Good Heart
Your Will Be Done
My Heart Says Yes
Hands Of Life
Blood Of Identity
Born For Purpose
Born For Conquest - Part 2
True Worship
She's All That
At Your Word
Born For This
Easter Service
God First
Revival Service
Christian Foundations
Kingdom Of Heaven
Jesus The Reason
Holy Holidays
A New Season
God First
God First
Part 5 - Seek To Save
Thank You Gets You There
Part 4 - Stand Up
Part 3 - Be Freed
Part 2 - I Wanna See
Part 1 - Fill Up The House
Fight Of Faith - Part 4
Fight Of Faith - Part 3
Fight Of Faith - Part 2
Fight Of Faith - Part 1
Just Change
I Found Favour
Death To Life
By Faith - Part 9
By Faith - Part 8
By Faith - Part 7
By Faith - Part 6
By Faith - Part 5
By Faith - Part 4
By Faith - Part 3
By Faith - Part 2
By Faith - Part 1
Father's Show Up
Dream Team - Part 8
Dream Team Part 7
Dream Team Part 6
Dream Team Part 5
Raised To Life
Dream Team Part 3
Dream Team Part 2
Dream Team Part 1
Encounter Changes Everything
Shake It Off
Love Divine
First Things First Part 5
First Things First Part 4
First Things First Part 3
First Things First Part 2
First Things First
Send Your Rain
New Life
Higher Life
Little By Little
Done With Debt Part 2
Done With Debt
For Lovers Only
Find One, Fetch One Part 2
Find One, Fetch One
Don't Miss the Party,
Mind Blowing Part 3
Mind Blowing Part 2
Mind Blowing
Authentic Family Part 2
Authentic Family
Run To Win Part 2
Run To Win
Time To Conquer
Nevermind The Storm
Love Gives
Love Never Fails
Love Endures
Love Hopes
Love Believes All Things
Love Bears All
Love Rejoices In The Truth
The Impact of Fatherhood
Love Does Not Rejoice In
Love Does Not Keep Score
LOVEis... Not Provoked!
LOVEis... Not Selfish!
LOVEis... Not Rude!
Mothers' Day
LOVEis... Not Arrogant!
LOVEis... Not Boastful!
LOVEis... Not Jealous!
LOVEis... Kind!
He is Risen
LOVEis... Patient!
Love is...
A sound mind
Continue Steadfastly
Just like Jesus!
A New Beginning!
Reach Out! Pt.2
Reach Out! Pt.1
Fast 21 Pt.3
Fast 21 Pt.2
Fast 21 Pt.1
Be Happy! Pt.3
Be Happy! Pt.2
Be Happy! Pt.1
Fiscal Health Pt.3
Fiscal Health Pt.2
Fiscal Health Pt.1
Sowing and Reaping
Never Again!
Rain is coming
Educators Appreciation
Don't miss the party!
Keep Hope Alive
From death to life!
Speak Life (Can these bones
Vision 1728 Pt. 6
Vision 1728 Pt. 5
Vision 1728 Pt. 4
Vision 1728 Pt. 3
Vision 1728 Pt. 2
Vision 1728 Pt. 1
I Can GO!
I Can Wait!
Called to Conquer
I Can
Fear Not Pt.4
Fear Not! Pt.3
Fear Not! Pt.2
Fear Not! Pt.1
Dads do!
Forget not!
Deadly Drift
Almost Pt. 2
Almost does not count
Super Mom!
The Call
True Freedom
The Visible Church Pt. 2
The Visible Church Pt. 1
Part of a covenant people!
Get going!
Obliged to the word
Another Level
Hand over!
Take it off!
Live Wise - Part 6
Live Wise - Part 5
Live Wise - Part 4
The Call
Live Wise - Part 3
Live Wise - Part 2
Live Wise - Part 1
Mercy in Action
Mercy and Truth
Our God of Mercy
Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Done with Debt - Part 2
Done with Debt
Blessing without sorrow
In honour of God
Fight to win
Never give up!
Faith on fire
Right Now!
Be there!
Thank God for you!
Pray with fire
A house of prayer
Can you spare a rand?
Integrate it!
Observe it!
How the Bible changes us.
Why can i trust the Bible?
Love the Word, learn the Word
Care enough to Confront.
Look up!
Think right, live right!
Identify and deal with
Loved and forgiven to love
My father's business -
All in! Pt. 4 - I can do all
All in! Pt. 3 - Every prayer
All in! Pt. 2 - Do unto
All in! Pt. 1 - Ask, Seek,
The Journey Part 4: Beyond
The Journey Part 3: The
The Journey Part 2: God'
The Journey Part 1 - God
Father and Mother of many
According to what was spoken
Jesus is alive!
Choose FAITH! (Speak life Pt
See it, speak it, live it! (
Lift up your eyes! (Speak
Breath of life G12 Africa
Love at its best!
Speak to the mountain!
Speak life
Bring Crazy Back
Anointed for purpose
Much prayer, much power
Run to win!
Reaching forward
Living Legacy
Power in patience
Peace and confidence in the
Christmas12 - 3C Live
Just like Jesus...
3C Centurion Campus Christmas
Imitate me...
Win the lost, disciple the
Hearts on fire
Do the right things, RIGHT!
Don’t miss the party; Don’t
Chasing down chariots
Is your boat available?
If God is for us...
Continue steadfastly
A life that works – every
Integrating the Word into my
Understanding the meaning of
40DITW Week 4: Ask the right
Have a light bulb moment!
40DITW Pt. 2: How does the
Why can I trust the Bible?
40 days in the Word
40 days in the Word - Prayer
It's Happening Again!
Un-Pause your life!
Who pressed the PAUSE button!?
Good father, good son
You, full of Him, are
God can, God will, but even
Peaceful dwelling places
Ke Nako, woza Mzansi!
Updated Press Release -
I Have Decided To Follow
Develop Your Faith
A Masquerade
Easter Services
Fathers with FIGHT
Connect to the dream of God!
Families for God's Peace
Is it true?
You Are Called – Mother Of
Are You Fit or Are You Flat?
Faith That Works – Gets
The best possible news
Being a disciple of Jesus
Revolution of Prayer!
Making it real....
Ke Nako, woza Nations!
Baptism Sunday
Mothers' Day Service
Want To Get Right With God?
Insane Faith
Water Baptism
Set apart for purpose
Rebuild the walls