Dream Team Part 3

Dream Team Part 3

Dream Team Part 3


Stronger together

Proverbs 14:4 (NLT) 

Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest. 

"A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it" - John Maxwell.

Dreamers can be immediately identified by the way they speak…  Nobody with a God-dream, speaks negatively.  This kind of dream has the power to generate energy and passion to work towards the final outcome with everything we have inside us.  Throughout the Word we find that God always gives a dream at the beginning of a process.  Even though the promise stands and the vision is clear, the dream is never realized without a process, a journey of growth and change.  This makes it of imperative importance to keep our eyes fixed, just like all the people of faith in the Bible, on the God-dream while we steadfastly continue in pursuit of what the Lord has shown us.  

In all this, it is wisdom to remember that God is not only the dream-giver, but also the one who gives us the capacity to fulfill the dreams He gives.  No God-dream can ever be fulfilled through human effort alone.  In order to have the dream, pursue it and eventually live it, we have to be firmly rooted and planted in the love of God, yielded to the anointing of the Holy Spirit and all the time allowing Him to work in and through us to do what we could never do without His grace.  The moment we receive the God-dream for our lives it provides us with a mandate around which a team can unite.  Throughout the Word we find God working through teams.  A team with a God-dream can operate as one and achieve infinitely more than even a gifted individual.  

The importance of teamwork becomes evident in the very beginning of humanity when God sees that it is not good for Adam to be alone and addresses this issue by creating Eve – Adam’s teammate and helper.  Likewise the Bible concludes in Revelations with a team of twelve rulers that governs in heaven.  The Bible teaches us that one puts a thousand to flight whilst two can put ten thousand to flight (Leviticus 26:8).  The moment there is unity amongst two people, there is a team and where there is a team, there can be conquest!

Having a united team is important in every sphere of life.  Marriage, family, ministry and any other area where there is a need for growth and increase requires of us to become part of a team.  By default team speaks of completing each other rather than competing with each other.  Being together as a group does not necessarily imply being a team.  Teams are not merely together, they are united around a common goal that inspires a willingness to let go of self in order to work together for the common good of all in pursuit of the agreed-upon outcome.  Team speaks of believing that whatever is best for the team, is best for the individual.  

The Word presents us with a number of excellent examples of team:

• Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:16-18):  Even though Ruth and Naomi came from different nations, cultural backgrounds, generations and even religions, Ruth united with her mother-in-law to such a degree that all the differences fell away and became insignificant in the face of her loyalty.  

• Moses and Aaron (Exodus 7:1):  Although Moses was God’s appointed leader Aaron was called to help him as prophet.

• Nehemiah and Ezra (Nehemiah 8:9):  Nehemiah, the governor and Ezra, the priest worked together to mobilize the people of Israel in rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem.  

• Peter and John (Acts 3:1):  Peter and John worked alongside each other in building the New Testament Church.  

• Teams of twelve (Genesis 49:28; Deuteronomy 1:23; 1 Kings 4:7; Matthew 10:1; Acts 19:6-7):  A team of twelve was appointed wherever government was required.  We find twelve tribes in Israel, twelve spies that went to investigate the Promised Land, twelve district governors under the rule of King Solomon and twelve disciples under Jesus.  


Since the very purpose of a team is working together towards a common goal, the Bible most often uses the metaphor of oxen to give us understanding with regards to exactly how a Godly team should function.  We find this in the symbolism depicted by the twelve bronze oxen carrying the ‘Sea’ (basin for purification) in the Temple of Solomon (2 Chronicles 4:15).  This speaks of God’s desire to take the Living Water of the Gospel throughout the world by working through a team, a strong, capable workforce.  

Oxen normally work together as a team under one yoke.  Interestingly oxen cannot be unequally yoked with other work animals such as donkeys, mules or horses.  When they are properly yoked together they:

• Pull the plough that breaks the ground:  A yoke of oxen can prepare the way through hard labour that would be impossible for any individual.  

• Are capable of pulling loads too heavy for any other animal to pull:  Oxen have superior strength.  Likewise we, the children of God have superior strength and should work together as teams to carry the burdens (through prayer and action) in our communities and country that nobody else wants to or can carry.

• Respond to verbal instruction:  Oxen have the unique ability to understand and correctly respond to different verbal instructions.  The success of a team depends heavily on every team member’s ability to cooperate with the team and to obey instruction meticulously.

• Persevere:  Oxen do not stop doing what they are doing until they are instructed to do so.  A team that wants to see success should persist with single-minded determination in their quest to actualize the dream.


We have determined to serve the Lord in unity, as a team.  Join us this week as we yoke ourselves together to advance the Kingdom and push back darkness.  Take up the yoke of all yokes and experience the amazing blessing of entering into God’s rest (Matthew 11:29-30)!



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