IAGT Cooks for FUN

IAGT Cooks for FUN






Heritage Day Biltong Pot

Serves 10-12



1.5kg thickly sliced, wet biltong

1kg bacon, diced

500gr shaped pasta

250gr butter

1-2 large onions, chopped

500gr mushrooms, sliced

2 cans creamed sweet corn

1 each red, green & yellow peppers; sliced

500ml fresh cream


Brush the pot with a thin layer of oil and heat to a medium temperate

Melt the butter until bubbling, fry peppers quickly, remove and place in a bowl

Toss the mushrooms, cook for 2 minutes, remove and place in a bowl

Fry the bacon until slightly browns, add biltong and cook for about 10 min, on low heat, stirring regularly 

Meanwhile, boil some water, add salt and cook pasta until ‘al dente’ and drain

Add peppers, stir and cook slowly for 5 minutes

Add mushrooms, stir and cook slowly for 5 minute

Add the cooked, drained pasta, stir and combine with all the ingredients

Add 2 cans of sweet corn and combine, cook for 5 minutes

Add the 5ooml cream to top of the pot and leave for 5 minutes before mixing the cream gently through the pot

Cover and leave for 5 minutes



Serve with pot bread, mosbolletjie bread or boerebrood with butter and apricot jam