How to successfully run a My3CAtHome Venue

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  1. Why do we do My3CAtHome?

In compliance with the national lockdown, we are no longer able to conduct mega services or gatherings in the traditional sense of the word.  This does not however mean that we are in any way willing to compromise when it comes to gathering as children of God and tapping into the corporate anointing.  For this purpose we are meeting for church services as families at our homes, but with the exact same attitude of expectancy and reverence we would have when attending services as we used to know it.  Bearing this goal in mind (of gathering as a church in unity but across multiple homes) we want to present every attendee, regular members and new visitors as well as any person streaming our services without being a member of 3C Church, with the opportunity to genuinely encounter the Lord in a way that would leave them permanently changed. 

A My3CAtHome service should in all respects other than the number of attendees, resemble a church service.  It is a formal meeting where all family members come together at a designated time and place (in their home) to purposefully, together with all the other families in their respective homes, engage in worshiping the Lord, being ministered to and receiving the Word for the week. By meeting like this, we honour the Word that instructs us to not neglect the gathering of the saints (Hebrews 10:25), whilst at the same time operating in wisdom and actively contributing to the country-wide effort to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 viral spread. 

  • Before you start
    • Plan to have church at your house

Just like a mega service, a home service cannot be successfully conducted without purposefully planning for it.  The following aspects are crucial in the successful delivery of a My3CAtHome service:

  • Where

Determine where the family will gather to have their service.  The setting is important because it contributes greatly to the attitude with which individuals will engage.  Since My3CAtHome is not simply a convenient way to hear the message, we strongly encourage an environment that will support active participation.  A lounge or area with suitable seating where everybody can clearly see the screen, stand comfortably and take notes is required.  It is not recommended that the service be streamed in a bedroom or an area where other activities will continue.  The venue should be clean, neat and free from clutter or potential distractions.

  • When

All 3C Church members have their My3CAtHome meetings at the usual time their mega service would have taken place.  Services will be steamed at 08:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 17:00 every Sunday.

  • Make provision for all family members

My3CAtHome is a family meeting where everybody that lives in a given household joins in for the service.  If there are little children that cannot concentrate for long or that might need attending to during the service time, make provision for them by anticipating possible needs (eg. ensuring that there is something appropriate for them to occupy themselves with, that they have pre-prepared snacks, etc.). 

  • Take care of the technical requirements

It is ideal to stream the service on a big screen so that everybody present can see and hear properly.  If this is not possible in a given household, the sound stream (link can be received from your leader) can also be played from www.3clive.tv.  In order to ensure that everything goes according to plan when the service starts it is necessary to test streaming before the time.  This can be done by streaming any of the daily live broadcasts by Ps. Bert Pretorius (find it on Facebook, YouTube or the My3C App).  Ensure that you have sufficient data available for streaming.

  • Register your My3CAtHome household

The My3CAtHome initiative provides members of 3C Church with a way to preserve as best as we can the quality and level of ministry that was given to our members before the lockdown.  By registering a household as a My3CAtHome venue, it is possible for 3C Pastors and leaders to know that the household is actively involved and in need of spiritual covering. 

  • The benefits of registering your My3CAtHome household

Registration will automatically enable households to partake of the following benefits:

  • Being added to the prayer list
    • Receiving free resources that promote and support spiritual growth
      • Receiving accurate information with regards to Covid-19 and support measures put in place to aid citizens in the challenges they face as a result
      • Receiving notice of 3C training and broadcasts
    • A My3CAtHome household can be registered by sending the following information to your cell leader or to [email protected]:
  • Name and surname
  • Cell phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Street address and neighbourhood
  • Service time

Once registered, all attendees can be associated to the My3CAtHome PastorPro event.

  • On the day of the service
  • Pre-service preparation

Ensure that the whole family is dressed and ready to attend half an hour before the service starts.  Services start streaming 10 minutes before the actual service time with a pre-service music program. This presents a wonderful opportunity to prepare the spiritual atmosphere by getting together and praying specifically for the service and every component thereof.  Ensure that everybody in the family has a notebook and pen or means of taking notes and reiterate the importance of fully engaging with every element of the service.

  • Service participation

It is of the utmost importance that all attendees should be participating in every component of the service.  In order to ensure that it is a sanctified time, set apart to receive the Word of God and His direction for the week, nobody can sit on the sideline and simply observe.  Active participation in praise and worship, ministry, giving and the Word makes way for the presence of God to manifest and achieve the desired result in the lives of all involved. 

  • Service format
  • Praise and worship

Stand as a family and participate in the praise and worship by singing along, clapping and raising hands where appropriate and turning the focus to God in worship.  Ensure that the music is loud enough for everybody to participate comfortably.

  • Ministry

The ministry component of the service provides an opportunity for those that need to agree with someone in prayer concerning the challenges they face, to do so.  Know that the power of God is omnipresent and that the Lord responds to our unified prayer even when we are not together in one building.  Use this segment to lift up your request before the Lord as the whole church stands in agreement for breakthrough. 

  • Offering

Offering is an integral part of worship unto the Lord and therefore an important component in every service.  Due to the national lockdown, 3C Church endeavors to facilitate cashless giving.  During this segment tithes and offerings can be given via EFT Payments (3C Ministries NPC, Cheque Account, ABSA CENTURION (630445), ACC Nr:  4059946829), through the use of SnapScan (the QR Code will appear on the screen) or by giving through the website (www.my3c.tv). 

  • Word

Engage with the preached Word by carefully listening and taking notes. 

  • Altar Call and consolidation

The altar call affords every single person that streams the opportunity to dedicate their lives to the Lord for the first time or alternatively to rededicate their lives.  As a community of believers we are convinced that it is virtually impossible for a new believer to survive spiritually without support.  For this purpose it is extremely important to us to receive contact details for every person that committed their life to the Lord.  This can be included in the service report to the leader or sent to the church via e-mail ([email protected]).

  • Proclamation

Every service concludes with a proclamation in which we boldly speak in accordance with the Word we received.  Make sure to engage by speaking the proclamation out loud as given by the streaming pastor. 

  • After the service
    • Service reporting

Please submit a service report to your leader (via WhatsApp) immediately after the service.  Kindly indicate who attended the My3CAtHome service as well as any testimonies or challenges.

  • For the family

Hebrews 6:10 NKJV

“For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.”

Making your home available to be used as a My3CAtHome venue is a way of ensuring that the Word continues to go out and affect not only our own lives but also the lives of everybody we are in contact with.  As such, every person that opens their home for this is actively working with the church to advance the Kingdom of Light.

  • In conclusion

We are confident that the Church will continue to grow and flourish, even in this challenging time.  It is our prayer that the My3CAtHome initiative will provide even more opportunities for people to hear the Gospel and be transformed forever.  It is our great joy and privilege to be in this journey with you!